Advanced Hybrid
Collagen Stimulator

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It is  because we have:

Patented Technologies

The patented reticular structure of PDLLA maximize the contact surface area involved in the production of new collagen and elastic fiber, while minimizing its biocompatibility with the human tissue.


PDLLA has a lower glass transition temperature and hardness compared to other polymers which allows PDLLA to decompose into water and CO2 in the human body preventing a prolonged immune response.


PDLLA stimulates the generation of new collagen and elastic fibers while slowing down the degradation of the existing collagen at the same time.


For 3 treatments at 1month intervals
Juvelook : 6-12 months
Lenisna: 18-24 months

CE & KFDA approved

Both KFDA & CE Approved
Juvelook and Lenisna have been approved by Korean Ministry of Food and drug and also certified in Europe CE.

PDLLA with
Biocompatible Gel Carrier


Which gives an immediate filling effect
and is generally safe for all skin types.
Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Before & After

Juvelook can be used to improve fine lines, tear trough problems, improve acne scars and improve facial skin texture.
The effect of Lenisna is mainly to contour the outline of the overall face shape and improve deep scars and wrinkles.

Global Network

Juvelook and Lenisna are not only extremely popular in South Korea but
have signed contracts with over 72 countries all around the world.
Now we are actively expanding our business territory and will continue to
promote high-quality Bio-stimulators.